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Facilitating Change

Adapting to change is now a constant challenge of running a business.
Organisations will not successfully change simply because of new
structures, systems or processes. They change because the people
within the organisation adapt and change too.

Aspire works with clients to enable them to plan effectively for
change, and to ensure that employees throughout the organisation
are ready to embrace that change - whether it is growth,
down-sizing, or merger.

Aspire can help your senior management develop a clear and
unified vision of what the organisation will look like after the change,
and how it will operate. We also help managers hone the necessary
skills to lead the change process to a successful conclusion.

Two-way communication is vital during change and Aspire can
also facilitate Consultations with employees to identify their fears
or concerns and to gather the employees' suggestions and ideas to
improve the chances of success for the change project. These Consultations
give people a 'voice' and ownership of the change process, and increase the likelihood
of a successful transition.