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Executive Recruitment

Many employers dread the recruitment process - so much paperwork and management

time involved in trying to find the right person for the job.

Aspire can manage the entire process for you or help with any specific steps
along the way:

  • Write Job Descriptions and/or Personnel Specifications to help identify the ideal
    candidate (has the role changed since it was last recruited/is it even still required?)
  • Design a job ad and liaise with whatever media outlet you decide to use
  • Handle all application requests and send out application forms.
  • Shortlist all applications based on criteria agreed with the client.
  • Set up interviews with successful candidates and send out letters to all
    unsuccessful candidates.
  • Assist with the design of interview questions and/or presentation titles and scoring
    criteria. Aspire can also provide training in Interviewing Skills for members of the
    interview panel.
  • Sit on the Interview Panel to provide an objective perspective.
  • Assist with second interviews if required.
  • Send letters to unsuccessful candidates. We tend to find that our clients want to
    give the good news to the successful candidate themselves!
  • All associated administration and monitoring to ensure compliance with
    Fair Employment legislation.
  • Design an Induction Plan, if one does not already exist, to ensure that the new
    employee is successfully integrated into your business.

Investing time and effort in a well-thought-out recruitment and induction process will
ensure that you get (and hang on to!) the best person for the job and avoid the heavy
costs of an unsuccessful recruitment exercise.